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Oyamazaki Town Gymnasium

The facility is where the Olympic medalist, Ota improved his skills. The Mt.Tenno which appears in Japanese proverb to describe an important battle to overcome, is located in the Town. Also, it is where the historic ruler, Hideyoshi conquered and unified Japan. Athletes could raise the power to overcome an important battle and conquer the World (gold medal).

Offered Sports

The facility marked by the blue icon is introduced in “TOKYO 2020 PRE-GAMES TRAINING CAMPS ONLINE GUIDE”.

The sport facility marked by the green icon is certified by IF (International Federations).

Consultation Service for Training Camp

  • Name of Organization:Oyamazaki Town
  • Division:Lifelong Study Section
  • Phone number:075-956-2101
  • Email:

Available Languages for Inquiry

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Local Cooperation

Availability of setting up a practice game: possible(amateur/corporate/university teams)
Availability of transportation by local community: impossible

Local Information

Local information website nothing

Area Information

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zip 618-8501
address Aza Enmyouji-Koaza Icyouden 50 Otokunigun-Oyamazaki Town, Kyoto Prefecture
Altitude(m) 16
Facility information website
Maximum Capacity for Cars 40
Parking for Buses available


Nearest Airport Itami Airport
Time by Car from Nearest Airport 60minutes
Nearest Station Yamazaki Station(JR),Oyamazaki St
Major Transportation Mode from Nearest Station by car
Time from Nearest Station 5minutes

Nearby medical facilities

Emergency Hospital (Within 30 min)
Foreign Language Supported
Departments and Units
24Hour Walk-in Clinic
Foreign Language Supported
Departments and Units

Oyamaza Town Gymnasium

facilities information

Year of Completion 1986


Total floor area(m²) Clear height(m)
2074 12

Experience in Major Sporting Events in the last 10 Years

Name of competition Category of competition Year competition Disciplines
  Other National Competition 2005 - 2014 fencing
  Other National Competition 2005 - 2014 fencing
  Other National Competition "2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014" fencing
  Other National Competition "2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013" fencing
  Other National Competition 2005 - 2014 fencing

Adjunct Facilities,Disabled Access

Adjunct Facilities Disabled Access
Shower Room Wheelchair ramp at entrance
Locker Room Braille block
Multi-Functional Toilet Braille display
First Aid Room Barrier-free washroom
Ice Bath Ostomate-friendly toilets
Massage Room Elevator for disabled
Meeting/Briefing Room Lifting machine for stairs
Free Wifi Shower Room (barrier-free)
Café and Restaurant on Site Locker Room (barrier-free)
Strength and Conditionin room Parking for disabled