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Name of FacilityPrefectureAvailability for training
nagomimachi gymnasium kumamoto
general gymnasiumfukuoka prefecture
kokurakita gymnasiumfukuoka prefecture
wakamatsu gymnasiumfukuoka prefecture
matobaike gymnasiumfukuoka prefecture
(tentative name)Tobata-D-Block Sports Facilitiesfukuoka prefecture
Kitakyushu StadiumFukuoka Prefecture
Kitakyushu Media DomeFukuoka Japan
ANO DOMEFukuoka-ken
Kitakyushu Sports Center for People with DisabilitiesFukuoka
kyushu international universityFukuoka Prefecture
The University of KitakyushuFukuoka
Honjo Athletics stadiumfukuoka-ken
Sayagatani Stadium
Shinmoji Playing Field
Bunka Kinen Pool
momozono swimming pool(indoor)Fukuoka Prefecture
Kurume Sports CenterFukuoka
Kurume Mizuma general gymnasiumFukuoka
Chikuhou Green Park Tennis CourtsFukuoka
Syonaionsen Chikuhoheights Tennis CourtsFukuoka
Sports park in eastern YameFukuoka
Green Peer Yame Forestof the relaxation Fukuoka
Chikugo regional park Fukuoka
KASUGA CITY Sports Centerfukuoka
shimoshirouzuoike park multi-purpose open spacefukuoka
GLOBAL ARENAFukuoka Prefecture
Umi Sports ParkFukuoka Prefecture
Saga Prefecture General Sports Ground Saga
Saga Prefecture General GymnasiumSaga
SAGA Yasht HarborSaga
Saga Healthy Active Life Promote CenterSaga
Saga Municipal Morodomi Cultural GymnasiumSaga
Shiraiwa Sports ParkSaga Pref
Gibizan parkSaga prefectural
North parkSaga prefectual
Ureshino sports parkSaga pref
Ureshino City GymnasiumSaga pref
Ureshino City social Cultural CenterSaga pref
Navel, contact interchange center of SagaSaga
Nagasaki Prefectural General GymnasiumNagasaki
Nagasaki Prefectural Baseball StadiumNagasaki
Nagasaki Prefectural Shooting RangeNagasaki
Nagasaki Prefectural BudokanNagasaki
Athletic Stadium in the Prefectural Sports and Recreation Parknagasaki
nagasaki prefectural hyakkadai parknagasaki
Sasebo seishounen no tenchiNagasaki
Nagasaki Municipal PoolNagasaki
Nagasaki Municipal General Recreation ParkNagasaki
Nagasaki Municipal football fieldNagasaki
Sasebo City General Sports GroundNagasaki
Sasebo City Physical Education and Culture CenterNagasaki
Sports ground in eastern SaseboNagasaki
Arena in ShimabaraNagasaki Prefecture
Shimabara municipal Heisei-Cho Shinjuku multipurpose athletic squareNagasaki Prefecture
Shimabara municipal athletics stadiumNagasaki Prefecture
Shimabara-shi Reikyul park gymnasium and Japanese archery placeNagasaki Prefecture
Shimabara municipal management Heiseicho artificial turf groundNagasaki Prefecture
Isahaya Central GymnasiumNagasaki
Isahaya Todoroki GymnasiumNagasaki
Isahaya Ono GymnasiumNagasaki
Isahaya Moriyama Sports GymnasiumNagasaki
Isahaya Iimori GymnasiumNagasaki
Omura City Physical Education and Culture CenterNagasaki-ken
Goto Central Parknagasaki
Fukue Budokannagasaki
Kishiku B&G Marine centernagasaki
Unzen Aino Sports ParkNagasaki
Unzen Kunimi General Sports ParkNagasaki
Mizuho healthy landNagasaki
Azuma gymnasiumNagasaki
Kawatana Osaki Natural Park Exchange Play GroundNagasaki-ken
Ojika general exercise parknagasaki prefecture
Kumamoto Athletic ParkKumamoto
Kumamoto Prefectural GymnasiumKumamoto
Kumamoto General Shooting RangeKumamoto
Kumamoto City General Indoor PoolKumamoto prefecture
Kumamoto city general gymnasium young man Hall Kumamoto prefecture
yatsushiro general gymnasium kumamoto
sports community squarekumamoto
Hitoyoshi Sports PalaceKumamoto Prefecture
Minamata City Gymnasium Kumamoto
Minamata City Gymnasium (South Branch)Kumamoto
Minamata Martial Arts GymnasiumKumamoto
Minamata Regional ParkKumamoto
Tamana-shi momoda exercise park Kumamoto
Yamaga City Culture sports centerKumamoto-ken
Hanjyaku Lake Boating Areakumamoto-kenn
Kamiamakusa Citya Ooyano Sports ParkKumamoto
Kamiamakusa Citya Matsushima Sports ParkKumamoto
Wing MatsubaseKumamoto Prefecture
Kannonnyama Sports ParkKumamoto Prefecture
Amakusa Civic CenterKumamoto Prefecture
Amakusa City Hondo Athletic ParkKumamoto Prefecture
Amakusa City Hirose ParkKumamoto Prefecture
Ushibuka University GymKumamoto Prefecture
Koshi city community center VIVREKumamoto
Ozu TownKumamoto
Soyokaze Parkkumamoto
tororo elementaryschool gymnasium kumamoto
sakasegawa comprehensive groundkumamoto
Oita Sports ParkOita Prefecture
Oita Prefectural General GymnasiumOita Prefecture
Osu General Sports ParkOita Prefecture
Beppu port Kitahama Yacht HarborOita Prefecture
Sanko General Exercise ParkOita
Nagasoe Exercise ParkOita
Nakatsu General GymnasiumOita
Hachiman no sato Usa GymnasiumOita
Heiseinomori Sports Park Multipurpose Sports SquareOita
Usa General playgroundOita
Yufu City Yufuin Sports CenterOita Prefecture
KIRISHIMA YAMAZAKURA Miyazaki Prefectural Comprehensive Sports Park Miyazaki Prefecture
Miyazaki city ikime no mori sports parkMiyazaki prefecture
Hayamizu Park Sports Cultural CenterMiyazaki Prefecture
Tkajo Sports ParkMiyazaki Prefecture
Takazaki ComprehnsiveParkMiyazaki Prefecture
Nishishina ParkMiyazaki
Nobeoka Civic GymnasiumMiyazaki
nichinan sports complexmiyazaki
Kushimacity Comprehensive Sports ParkMiyazaki
Kushimacity general gymnasiumMiyazaki
Asahigaoka Sports Park Baseball Field in Mimata townMiyazaki
Aya nishikiHara sports parkMiyazaki
Aya teruha sports parkMiyazaki
Aya kodatsume sports parkMiyazaki
Kawaminami town play fieldMiyazaki
GokaseTown Comprehensive Park"G-Park"Miyazaki Prefecture
Kamoike Park Swimming PoolKagoshima
Kagoshima ArenaKagoshima
Kagoshima Fureai Sports LandKagoshima
Kagoshima Kenko no Mori ParkKagoshima
Kagoshima Prefectural Kamoike athletics stadiumKagoshima
Kagoshima Prefectural Soccer rugby fieldKagoshima
Kushira Peace ArenaKagoshima
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYAKagoshima
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYAKagoshima
Roads in Kanoya cityKagoshima
Takasu coastKagoshima
Makurazaki City Siohama Sports ParkKagoshima
Izumi City Sports ParkKagosshima-ken
Takaono Kirameki DomeKagosshima-ken
Ibusuki Sports FacilityKagoshima
Kaimon GymnasiumKagoshima
sanarena sendai kagoshima
Kirishima City Kokubu Sports ParkKagoshima
Kirishima City Makizono ArenaKagoshima
Kirishima Green VillageKagoshima
Ichikikushikino-shi general athletic parkKagoshima Pref
Kaseda Sports ParkKagoshima
Fukiagehama Kaihin ParkKagoshima
Sakyu-no-Mori KinpouKagoshima
Shibushi Sports ParkKagoshima
Shiokaze ParkKagoshima
Shiroyama ParkKagoshima
Ariake GymnasiumKagoshima
naze sports parkKagoshima Prefecture
Amami Experience Exchange CenterKagoshima Prefecture
Isa-shi Hishikari Canoe StadiumKagoshima-ken
Airacity General Sports ParkKagoshima Japan
Gymnasium of Osaki townKagoshima
Beach sports areaKagoshima
Swimming pool of Osaki townKagoshima
Athletic field of Osaki townKagoshima
Kagoshima Nejime bicycle stadiumKagoshima Pref
amami forest policekagosima
Ryuyu CenterKagoshima prefecture
Route81 in TatsugoKagoshima prefecture
Tebiro beachKagoshima prefecture
Amagi general exercise parkKagoshima