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Name of FacilityPrefectureAvailability for training
Tokushima City Ball Game GroundTokushima Prefecture
Tokushima Prefecture Naruto general sports parkTokushima Prefecture
Kagawa Sports ParkKagawa
Kagawa Pref. Marugame StadiumKagawa
Kagawa.Pref. Synthesis Swimming PoolKagawa
Kagawa Prefectural BudoukanKagawa
Seto Ohashi Commemorative Park Football FiledKagawa
Takamatsu City GymnasiumKagawa
Takamatsu City Kagawa GymnasiumKagawa
Takamatsu City Mure GymnasiumKagawa
Takamatsu City Museum of Eastern Sports ParkKagawa
Takamatsu City Tarumi Sports CenterKagawa
Takamatsu City Yashima StadiumKagawa
Takamatsu Sailing CenterKagawa
Lake Fuchu Canoe Coursekagawa
Kanonji City Sports ParkKagawa
Uchinomi Sports ParkKagawa
Shodoshima FurusatomuraKagawa
Ehime Prefectural Sports ComplexEhime
Ehime Prefectural BudokanEhime
Matsuyama Central ParkEhime
Matsuyama Multi-Purpose Community CenterEhime
Matsuyama outdoor activity centerEhime
Hojo Sports CenterEhime
Imabari Municipal Baseball StadiumEhime
Imabari Municipal Central GymnasiumEhime
Imabari Municipal Asakura Midori-no-Furusato ParkEhime
Imabari Municipal Tamagawa Comprehensive Sports ParkEhime
Imabari Municipal Onishi GymnasiumEhime
Imabari Municipal Namikata Sports ParkEhime
Imabari Municipal Kikuma Midori-no-Hiroba Sports ParkEhime
Imabari Miyakubo Stone Culture Sports ParkEhime
Imabari Municipal Hakata S.C ParkEhime
Imabari Municipal Kamiura Tatara Sports ParkEhime
Imabari Municipal Sakurai Sports LandEhime
Imabari Municipal Sakurai Kaihin Football fieldEhime
Imabari Municipal Sports ParkEhime
Yawatahama City Sports ParkEhime
Ojinomori StadiumEhime
Kitahama Sports GroundEhime
Yawatahama City Sports CenterEhime
Honai Municipal Central GymnasiumEhime
Ozu Sports ParkEhime
Ozu Sports gymnasiumEhime
Tokunomori ParkEhime
Ozu sports centerEhime
seiyo municipal uwa baseball stadiumehime-ken
twin dome shigenobuEhime
Ikina Sporec sports ParkEhime
KumakoenEhime Prefecture
Kumakogen Kuma B & G Marine CenterEhime Prefecture
Kumak_gen rugby fieldEhime Prefecture
Fue~ketaki multipurpose ball game fieldEhime Prefecture
Masaki ParkEhime ken
Masaki Town National Sports Festival Memorial Hockey ParkEhime
Ikata Sports centerEhime
Kihoku Multi-purpose ParkEhime Prefecture
Kochi Prefectural GymnasiumKochi Prefecture
Kochi City Sports ComplexKochi Prefecture
Kochi City East Sports ComplexKochi Prefecture
Kochi Disabllity Sports CenterKochi Prefecture
Nankoku City Sport CenterKochi
Susaki City Sports CenterKochi Prefecture
Sukumo City Sports ParkKochi prefecture
Tosasshimizu City GymKochi Prefecture
Shimanto City Yasunami Sports ParkKochi Prefecture
Kochi Prefectural Youth CenterKochi Prefecture
Konan City Marin Sports FacilityKochi Prefecture
Motoyama Jige Canoe FieldKochi Prefecture
Kochi Prefectural Youth Sports GymnagiumKochi
Kochi Prefetural Tosa Seinan Great Park Kochi