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Name of FacilityPrefectureAvailability for training
Tottori Prefectural Fuse Sports ParkTottori Prefecture
Tottori Prefectural Industrial GymTottori Prefecture
Kurayoshi Sports and Cultural HallTottori Prefecture
Yonago industrial gymnasiumTottori Prefecture
Tottori Prefectural BudokanTottori Prefecture
Kurayoshi Cycle Race CourseTottori Prefecture
Sakaiminato Public MarinaTottori Prefecture
Tottori Bird StadiumTottori
Shimane Prefetural Hamayama ParkShimane
Shimane Prefectural BudokanShimane Prefecture
Matsue General Sports ParkShimane Prefecture
Matsue City General GynasiumShimane Prefecture
Shimane Prefectural PoolShimane Prefecture
Masuda INAKA Ride CourseShimane Prefecture
Mssuda Challenger's Stage CourseShimane Prefecture
Masuda Athletic ParkShimane Prefecture
Kamo central park. Kamo B&G ocean center.Shimane-ken
ohnan town kenkoh center genkikanshimane
Okayama BudokanOkayama
Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby Soccer FieldOkayama
Okayama Prefectural Cray Target Shooting Range Okayama
Okayama prefuctural Multipurpose GroundsOkayama
Seto Ejiri Rest ParkOkayama-ken
Mt. Kamisaki, park fieldOkayama-ken
Urayasu comprehensive parkOkayama-ken
Kurashiki athletic park Okayama Prefecture
The Mizushima Greenary Fukuda park Okayama Prefecture
Kurashiki city Indoor swimming centerOkayama Prefecture
Kojima district park swimming placeOkayama Prefecture
Tsuyama Sports CenterOkayama Prefecture,
Tsuyama-City Kamo-Town Sports CenterOkayama Prefecture,
Shibukawa BeachOkayama Prefecture
Niimi City Ikoitofureai ParkOkayama Prefecture
sanyo communication parkokayama
kumayama sports park multipurpose squareokayama
yoshii B&G community sports centerokayama
Hiroshima Regional ParkHiroshima Prefecture 
Hroshima City Naka Ward Sports CenterHiroshima prefecture 
Hroshima City Higashi Ward Sports CenterHiroshima prefecture 
Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium Hiroshima Prefecture 
Hiroshima Sun PlazaHiroshima Prefecture 
kure city synthesis gymnasiumHiroshima
Hiroshima Prefectural center ShinrinkoenHiroshima
Bingo Sports ParkHiroshima Prefecture
Miyoshi Sports ParkHiroshima
Miyoshi Prefectural Parks Hiroshima
Hatsukaichi-city sports centerHiroshima
Saiki synthesis sports parkHiroshima
Hatsukaichi-city soccer groundHiroshima
Chiyoda Sports ParkHiroshima
Toyohira General Athletic ParkHiroshima
Shimonoseki Martial Arts GymnasiumYamaguchi Prefecture
Ishin Memorial ParkYamaguchi Prefecture
Yamaguchi Kirara EXPO Memorial ParkYamaguchi Prefecyure
Abu River Canoe FieldYamaguchi Prefecture
Sports Training ParkYamaguchi Prefecture
Onoda Soccer Exchange ParkYamaguchi Prefecture
Shimonoseki Sports ParkYAMAGUCHI
Shimonoseki North Sports ParkYAMAGUCHI
Shimonoseki City Kikugawa Sports ParkYAMAGUCHI
Shimonoseki City Hohoku Comprehensive Sports ParkYAMAGUCHI
Nogihama Comprehensive ParkYAMAGUCHI
Miisaka Natural ForestYAMAGUCHI
Central ParkYamaguchi Prefecture
budoukanYamaguchi Prefecture
Tawarada Weng Memorial GymnasiumYamaguchi Prefecture
YAMAGUCHI Football FieldYamaguchi
YAMAGUCHI Athletic Park Yamaguchi
YAMAGUCHI Sylvan Athletic ParkYamaguchi
Hofu City Sports CenterYamaguchi Prefecture
Mukoushima ParkYamaguchi Prefecture
Iwakuni Sports ParkYamaguchi-Prefecture
Hikari-shi Multi-purpose GymnasiumYamaguchi
Nagato City-Tawarayama Multipurpose Park Yamaguchi Prefecture
Nagato City General GymnasiumYamaguchi Prefecture
shunan ryokuchi parkyamaguchi
Sanyo Auto Yamaguchi Prefecture