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Name of FacilityPrefectureAvailability for training
Niigata Prefectural Nagaoka Indoor Swimming PoolNiigata Prefecture
A_re NagaokaNiigata Prefecture
Nagaoka City GymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Nagaoka City New Town Sport ParkNiigata Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki Aqua ParkNiigata Prefecture
Shibata Central Park Sports Facilities AreaNigata Prefecture
Ijimino Park Sports Facilities AreaNigata Prefecture
ojiya city synthesis gymnasiumniigata prefecture
hakusan exercise parkniigata prefecture
Kamo City Gymnastics Training CenterNiigata Prefecture
Kamo City GymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Gejo GymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Yoshida, Tsubame-shi archery rangeNiigata Prefecture
Yoshida, Tsubame-shi General gymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Yoshida, Tsubame-shi Tennis CourtNiigata Prefecture
Yoshida, Tsubame-shi General groundNiigata Prefecture
Yoshida, Tsubame-shi training centerNiigata Prefecture
Yoshida Fureai park, multipurpose open spaceNiigata Prefecture
Myokokogen Sports ParkNiigata Prefecture
Arai Comprehensive ParkNiigata Prefecture
Myoko Fureai ParkNiigata Prefecture
Sasagamine Cross-country CourseNiigata Prefecture
Myokokogen Gymnasium annexNiigata Prefecture
Akakura Physical education CenterNiigata Prefecture
Suginosawa Training CenterNiigata Prefecture
Myoko GymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Suimu Land AraiNiigata Prefecture
Higashiakakura Tennis CourtNiigata Prefecture
Arai Green Sports CenterNiigata Prefecture
Araiminamii GymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Myokokogen GymnasiumNiigata Prefecture
Gosen City General Assembly HallNiigata
Gosen City Muramatsu GymnasiumNiigata
Joetsu City Ogata Gymnastics ArenaNiigata
Oohara Sports ParkNiigata Prefecture
Minamiuonuma City Skateboard ParkNiigata Prefecture
Niigata Prefectural Tainai Rifle RangeNiigata
seiro townpeople hallniigata
Toyama General Sports CenterToyama
Toyama prefectural swimming poor compiexToyama prefecture
Toyama City Gymnasiumtoyama
Toyama City Swimming Pooltoyama
Toyama City Sports Canoe Centertoyama
Toyama City Indoor Sports Stadiumtoyama
Toyama City Street Sports ParkToyama
Toyama City Mountain Bike CourseToyama
Takaoka Civic Gymnasium Toyama prefecture
Takaoka City Takehira Memorial GymnasiumToyama prefecture
Takaoka City Jokoji Movement ParkToyama prefecture
Takaoka Sports CoreToyama prefecture
Takaoka West ParkToyama prefecture
Ariso DomeToyama
Uozu Momoyama Sport ParkToyama
Uozu Cty General GymnasiumToyama
himishi fureai sports centerToyama
Namerikawa sports/forest parkToyama Prefecture
namerikawa sports centerToyama Prefecture
footballcenter-toyamaToyama Prefecture
Kurobe City Multi-purpose GymnasiumToyama
Nakanokuti Ryokuchi-koeniToyama
Tonami Sports ParkToyama
Oyabe Sports ParkToyama Prefecture
Oyabe hockey fieldToyama Prefecture
Oyabe Cycling TerminalToyama Prefecture
Nanto city Katsurako Rowing CourseToyama
Nanto city Sakuragaike Climbing CenterToyama
albis kosugi general gymnasticstoyama prefecture
shinminato aishin keikinzoku sports centertoyama prefecture
Asahi Culture and Sports Centertoyama
KanazawaCity Sougou GymnasiumIshikawaPrefecture
KanazawaCity Johoku ParkIshikawaPrefecture
Nanao-shi Wakura Onsen exercise park multi-purpose ground Ishikawa
Nanao-shi Notojima ground Ishikawa
Komatsu synthesis gymnasiumIshikawa
Kibagata canoe fieldIshikawa Pref
Sky park Tsubasa KomatsuIshikawa Pref
Komatsu civic centerIshikawa
Komatsu domeIshikawa
Komatsu sports parkIshikawa
Nonoe Suports Park4IshikawaPrefectue
Kaga-shi sports centerishikawa
kaga city athletic fieldishikawa prefecture
Hakusan Go ParkIshikawa prefectural
Monomiyama gymnasiumIshikawa
Monomiyama athretic fieldIshikawa
Terai gymnasinmIshikawa
Ishikawa Soccer & ragby fieldIshikawa
shika town ishikawa
Oshimizu Sports ParkIshikawa Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture Fukui Sports ParkFukui
Japanese Martial Arts Hall of Fukui PrefectureFukui
Fukui Prefectural Archery and Climbing CenterFukui
Technoport Fukui Comprehensive ParkFukui
Prefectural Rifle Shooting RangeFukui
Prefectural Clay Shooting RangeFukui
Prefectural Kugushi Boat CourseFukui
Okuetsu Fureai ParkFukui
Trim Park KanaduFukui
Fukui City GymnasiumFukui Prefecture
Fukui City Athletic ParkFukui Prefecture
Ono City Excite Square Comprehensive sports facilitiesFukui Pre
Sabae City Sports Promotion CenterFukui Prefecture
Sabae General GymnasiumFukui Prefecture
Echizen City Takefu Chuo Park Gymnasiumfukuiprefecture
Mikuni Athletic ParkFukui
Mikuni GymnasiumFukui
Maruoka SportslandFukui
matsuoka general athletic playgroundfukui
matsuoka tennis fieldfukui
matsuoka river parkfukui
eiheiji midorinomura fureai centerfukui
eiheiji midorinomura movement squarefukui
kamishihi groundfukui
Echizen Town Asahi Sports ParkFukui
Fukui Prefectural hockey ParkFukui
Ohi Sports ParkFukui
KOSE SPORTS PARKYamanashi Prefecture
FUJI HOKUROKU PARKYamanashi Prefecture
MIDAIMINAMI PARK Rugby Ground Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi Equestrian Centeryamanashi Prefecture
Shirane High School The secondary sports graundsYamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi Gakuin UniversityYamanashi prefecture
Fujiyoshida municipal management kaneyama sports centeryamanasshi
Shirane Central ParkYamanashi Prefecture
takane Gymnasiumyamanashi prefecture
nagasaka synthetic sports parkyamanashi prefecture
hakushuu Gymnasiumyamanashi prefecture
Yuta's Bike parkyamanashi prefecture
Shikishima multi-purpose park multi-purpose athletic groundyamanashi prefecture
Enzan GymnasiumYamanashi Prefecture
Oshihara ParkYamanashi
Motosuko Sports CenterYamanashi
Kunugidaira Football FieldYamanashi
Lake Kawaguchiko Boat Rowing CourseYamanashi
Lake Shojiko Canoe CourseYamanashi
Fujikawaguchiko gymnasiumYamanashi
Fujikawaguchiko PoolYamanashi
minaminagano sports park football stadiumnagano
nagano sports park pool(Aqua wing)nagano
Matsumoto City GymnasiumNagano
Matsumoto City Cycling StadiumNagano
Ueda Nature Sports ParkNagano Prefecture
Ueda Castle Ruins ParkNagano Prefecture
Sugdaira Highland Sportsland Nagano
Saku Sports ParkNagano
Saku GymnasiumNagano
Hotaka sougou taiikukanNagano Prefecture
Nishihotaka undoujouNagano Prefecture
Maki undoujouNagano Prefecture
Toyoshina kinnrousha sports shisetsuNagano Prefecture
Toyoshina nannbu unndoukouen tennis courtNagano Prefecture
Kenmin toyoshina undouhirobaNagano Prefecture
Tkibe sports hirobaNagano Prefecture
Misato bunkakouen taiikukanNagano Prefecture
Horigane sougoutaiikukanNagano Prefecture
Karuizawa Kazakoshi Park Multi-purpose GymnasiumNaganoken
Shimosuwa Rowing CourseNAGANO
Kurohime sports parkNagano prefecture
Njiriko-lakeNagano prefecture
shinanochoritusougotaiikukanNagano prefecture
gifu memorial centergifu
Gifu Arenagifu
Ogaki Martial arts gymnasiumGIFU
Tajimi City General GymnasiumGifu pref
Seki General GymnasiumGifu prefecture
Nakaike Sports Park Gifu prefecture
nakatsugawa parkgifu
eastmino fureai centergifu
-Gifu prefecture
Kasagikyou boat / canoe areaGifu
minokamo city central gymnasium,plaza chutaiGifu Ken
gifu prefectural green stadiumgifu
Sports park weightGihuken
Hida sugo plateauGifu
Nagareha sports groundGifu
gujo city sports Centergifu
yamato Centergifu
gujo city Merger Commemoration ParkGifu
Gero Nigorigo-Onsen Sports CenterGifu-Prefecture
Nanno GymnasiumGifu-pref
Hirata tennis courtGifu-pref
Nagaragawa International Regatta Course
Wanouchi Apollon StadiumGifu
Wanouchi Sports CenterGifu
Wanouchi Tennis CourtGifu
Ibigawa health open spaceGifu
Ibigawa-cho special canoe sports stadiumGifu
ikeda city gymnasiumgifu
Gifu Prefectual Kawabe Rowing CenterGifu
Ogasayama Sports ParkShizuoka Pref
National Training Center Shimizu (J-STEP)Shizuoka City
Kusanagi Sports ComplexShizuoka City
Shizuoka Prefectural Indoor Swimming PoolShizuoka City
Central GymnasiumShizuoka City
Hamamatsu arenaShizuoka Prefecture
Furuhashi hironoshin commemoration Hamamatsu city overall swimming place ToBiOShizuoka Prefecture
Hanakawa athletic parkShizuoka Prefecture
Hamakita general gymnasium green arenaShizuoka Prefecture
Tenryu boat placeShizuoka Prefecture
shizuoka prefecture mikkabi youth centershizuoka prefecture
Shizuoka Ashitaka ParkShizuoka
oyama seeside parkshizuoka prefecture
himenosawa park sports groundsshizuoka prefecture
shizuoka ken softoball parkshizuokaken
Fujinomiya Sports ParkShizuoka-ken
Yamamiya Sports ParkShizuoka-ken
Mt.Komuro ParkShizuoka
Shimada City General Sports Center Rose Arenashizuoka
Oigawa Marathon Course Libertyshizuoka
Fuji Sports Park Athletic FieldShizuoka
Shizuoka Prefectual Fuji Swimming Pools Shizuoka
Fujikawa Gymnasium Shizuoka
Shizuoka Sangyo UnivercityShizuoka
toyohama coastshizuoka
Yaizu Sports ComplexShizuoka Prefecture
Yaizu Oigawa riverbed Sports Park athletics stadiumShizuoka Prefecture
Tsumagoi Resort Sainosatosizuoka
Daito Beach Sports Parkshizuoka
Fujieda Sports ParkShizuoka Prefecture
Sports Pal TAKANE NO SATOShizuoka Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefectural Martial Arts HallShizuoka Prefecture
Gotemba City Comprehensive sports facilitiesShizuoka Prefecture
Taiheiyo Club Gotemba CourseShizuoka Prefecture
Tokinosumika Sports CenterShizuoka Prefecture
Shirahama Ohama BeachShizuoka
Tatadohama BeachShizuoka
Susono City Athletic FieldShizuoka
Tokinosumika Sports Center Susono Ground Shizuoka
Suyama Clay Target Shooting RangeShizuoka
Kosai Amenity PlazaShizuoka prefecture
Amagi DomeShizuoka
Baseball Ground, Amagi Furusato ParkShizuoka
Multipurpose Ground, Amagi Furusato ParkShizuoka
Kano DomeShizuoka
Izu VelodromeShizuoka
BMX Course, Japan Cycle Sports CenterShizuoka
MTB Course, Japan Cycle Sports CenterShizuoka
Shizuoka Country Hamaoka Course&HotelShizuoka Pref.
Omaezaki Hamaoka Sports ParkShizuoka
Omaezaki B&G kaiyo centarShizuoka
Omaezaki marinaShizuoka
Kikukawa citizen gymnasium shizuoka
Izunokuni City Nagaoka GymnasiumShizuoka
Nirayama GymnasiumShizuoka
Ohito GymnasiumShizuoka
Ohito-higashi GymnasiumShizuoka
Satuki ParkShizuoka
Nirayama SportsParkShizuoka
Ema GroundShizuoka
Kanogawa RiversideParkShizuoka
Shizunami coastShizuoka
Kannami Sports ParkShizuoka Prefecture
Kannami Town GymnasiumShizuoka Prefecture
nagaizumi-cho kenko parkshizuoka
Fuji-Oyama Golf ClubShizuoka
Yoshida GymnasiumShizuoka
Okuooisessoko Canoe CourseShizuoka Prefecture
Aichi Prefectural GymnasiumAichi
Aichi Prefectural Sports HallAichi
Ichinomiya General Athletic FieldAichi
Korogi Athletic ParkAichi
Aichi martial arts gymnasiumAichi
Aichi Prefectural Shooting RangeAichi Prefecture
Toyota Industries Kaiyoh Yacht HarborAichi
Atsuta Shrine ParkAichi
Shinshiro General ParkAichi
EXPO 2005 Aichi Commemorative ParkAichi
Aichi Health VillageAichi
Okazaki Chuo Sogo ParkAichi
Ichinomiya City Municipal GymnasiumAichi
Ichinomiya Komyoji Park Playing FieldAichi
Handa Sports Park Athletics StadiumAichi
Aoyama Memorial Martial Arts HallAichi
Kasugai GymnasiumAichi
Kasugai Indoor PoolAichi
Kasugai Ochiai Park GymnasiumAichi
Toyokawa ParkAichi
Toyokawa Soccer FieldAichi
Hekinan Green ParkAichi Prefecture
Kariya city general sports parkAichi
Kariya City GymnasiumAichi
Kariya stadiumAichi
Toyota City Sports Parkaichi
Itsutsugaoka Exercise plazaaichi
Anjo Sports Parkaichi
Izumi Sports Parkaichi
Anjo leisure poolaichi
Haguro Central ParkAichi Prefecture
Konan gymnasium,convention hollAichi
Sonan ParkAichi
Ryokuti ParkAichi
Park Arena KomakiAichi Prefecture
Komaki Kinrou CenterAichi Prefecture
Tokai citizen gymnasiumAichi prefecture
Tokai municipal management warm water poolAichi prefecture
Shimpo Multi-purpose FieldAichi prefecture
Simpo baseball fieldAichi prefecture
Kagiya motion park tennis courtAichi prefecture
Kagiya motion park baseball fieldAichi prefecture
Motohama sports open spaceAichi prefecture
Arao ground golf courseAichi prefecture
Nisshin Sports ParkAichi
Jounoike Sport ParkAichi
Tahara City Municipal GymnasiumAichi
Tahara City Atsuni Sports ParkAichi
Siroya Athletic FieldAichi
Central Park Tennis CourtAichi
Pacific Long BeachAichi
Loco PointAichi
Miyoshi Lake Canoe CourseAichi-ken
Agui Sports VillageAichi