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Name of FacilityPrefectureAvailability for training
Yahaba Town General GymnasiumIwate-ken
aomori city sports hallaomori prefecture
Iwakisan Sports ParkAomori
Hirosakisi Sports ParkAomori
Takamoriyama general athletic playgroundAomori
Wakaba stadiumAomori
Misawa Minamiyama Multipurpose AreaAomori pref
Iwate Prefecture Sports ParkIwate Prefecture
Iwate Prefectural GymnasiumIwate Prefecture
Iwate Prefectural BudokanIwate Prefecture
Iwate Prefectural Gosyoko Regional Park Rowing Park BoathouseIwate Prefecture
Iwate Prefectural Baseball GroundIwate Prefecture
Morioka ArenaIwate
Morioka Municipal PoolIwate
Morioka Minami Park StadiumIwate
Miyako citizen general gymnasiumIwate prefecture
Rias Harbor MiyakoIwate prefecture
Ofunato public gymnasium Iwate Prefecture
Ofunato public tennis courtIwate Prefecture
Akasaki groundsIwate Prefecture
Ofunato Sanriku multipurpose groundsIwate Prefecture
Ofunato Sanriku B&G sports community centerIwate Prefecture
Sakari riverside parkIwate Prefecture
Ofunato Municipal StadiumIwate Prefecture
Hanamaki City Multi-Purpose GumnasiumIwate
Hnamaki city Sports Camp VillageIwate
Towa B&G Marine CenterIwate
Hanamaki City Clay Shooting rangeIwate
Kitakami Sports ParkIwate
Kuji City GymnasiumIwate prefecture
Tono citizen gymnasiumIwate-prefecture
Inarishita Indoor playgroundIwate-prefecture
Tono Citizens soccer fieldIwate-prefecture
Tono Sports ParkIwate-prefecture
Tono Sports Park "Ginga no mori"Iwate-prefecture
Tono Miyamori gymnasiumIwate-prefecture
Kashiwagidaira Liverside Park GroundIwate-prefecture
Ichinoseki City GymnasiumIwate Pref
Ichinoseki Soccer and Rugby FieldIwate Pref
Ichinoseki Sports ParkIwate Pref
Kamaishi Ball Game GroundIwate prefecture
Ninohe City General Sports CenterIwate Prefucture
Hachimantai city Rugby fieldIwate Prefecture
Oshu city Fureainooka ParkIwate
Esashi center gymnasiumIwate
Oshu Isawa Canoe GroundsIwate pref.
Takizawa Comprehensive ParkIwate
Shizukuishi Sports ParkIwate prefecture
Osyuku PlaygroundIwate prefecture
Kuzumaki-machi general athletic playgroundIwate-ken
Kuzumaki-machi sociophysical traininghouseIwate-ken
iwate town sports parkiwate prefecture
Shiwa Sports Parkiwate-ken
Shiwa Cycling trackiwate-ken
Iwate Football CenterIwate
Shiwa Maltipurpose Sports FacilityIwate
town nishiwaga kinsyuko groundiwate-ken
yumoto indoor hot spring pooliwate
shigarai domeiwate
Moriyamasougou Parkiwate
Kanegasaki Groundiwate
sumita town sports parkiwate pref
sumita town lifelong sports centeriwate pref
Shiroyama park gymnssiumIwate-ken
Iwaizumi StadiumIwate
Sports Park Iwate Prefecture
Ocean View StadiumIwate Prefecture
ichinohe town iiwate prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Sports ParkMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Second Sports FacilityMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Sennan PoolMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural VelodromeMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Naganuma Boat ParkMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Rifle Shooting RangeMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Clay Target Shooting RangeMiyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Prefectural Sports Center for Disabled PersonsMiyagi Prefecture
Sendai City GymnasiumMiyagi Prefecture
ishinomaki municipal sports facilitiesmiyagi
Shiogama Gas Gymnasium miyagi
Kesennuma City GymnasiumMyagi
Shiroishi Sports and Cultural CenterMiyagi Prefecture
Spashland ShiroishiMiyagi Prefecture
Natori citizen gymnasiumMiyagi
Jyuusanzuku parkmiyagi
Kakuda Sports ParkMiyagi
iwanuma citizen gymnasiumMiyagi Prefecture
Iwanuma beach green South blockMiyagi Prefecture
Tome City Toyoma general gymnasiumMiyagi prefecture
Tsukidate Multi-Purpose StadiumMiyagi
Kurihara City Ichjihasama Multi-Purpose StadiumMiyagi Pref
Kurihara City Tsukidate Sports PlaygroundMiyagi Pref
Kurihara City Kurikoma Sports PlaygroundMiyagi Pref
Wakayanagi General GymnasticMiyagi Pref
Zaotown sports parkMiyagi,
Zaotown workers' sports centerMiyagi,
Sun sports land zaoMiyagi,
Hirasawa community groundMiyagi,
Hakusan park groundMiyagi,
Mukaiyama groundMiyagi,
Nanokahara groundMiyagi,
kawasakitown BandG marine centermiyagiken
Tomiya-Town Sports ParkMiyagi-ken
Sports park of hometown of ceramic artMiyagi
kami town gymmiyagi
narusegawa river canoe racing stadiummiyagi
Akita Pref.General PoolAkita Pref.
Akita Pref. Martial arts MansionAkita Pref.
Akita Prefectural Baseball StadiumAkita Pref
Akita City Yabase Sports Park AreaAkita prefecture
Akita City GymnasiumAkita prefecture
Kitanoda ParkAkita prefecture
Noshiro City General GymnasiumAKITA PREFECTURE
Noshiro Yamamoto Sports Resort Center "Arinasu"AKITA PREFECTURE
Yokote Sports MuseumAkita
Masuda Sports MuseumAkita
Omonogawa Sports MuseumAkita
Jyumonji Athletics StadiumAkita
Yokote Martial Arts StadiumAkita
Akasaka Comprehensive ParkAkita
Hraka StadiumAkita
Taiyu Comprehensive ParkAkita
Oomori StadiumAkita
Naganeyama Sports ParkAkita
Odate Jukai Dome Sports ParkAkita
Oodate Jukai GymnasiumAkita
Takadate Tennis CourtAkita
Oga general athletic playgroundAkita Pref.
Funagawa kou multipurpose ground akita
Yurihonjo City GymnasiumAkita prefecture
Yurihonjo comprehensive disaster prevention parkAkita
Kitaakita city Takanosu gymnasiumAkita
nikaho sports parkakita pref
TDK akita overall sports centerakita pref
mitane town kotooka general gymnasiumAKITA PREFECTURE
The Ogata Rowing CourseAkita
Misato General Gymnasium,LiriosAkita Prefecture
Yamagata City General Sports Centeryamagata prefecture
Yamagata City Ball Game Fieldyamagata prefecture
Yamagata prefecture Akanegaoka Athletics stadiumyamagata prefecture
tsuruok-shi komagihara parkyamagata prefecture
tsuruoka citizen poolyamagata prefecture
tsuruoka-shi haguro gymnasiumyamagata prefecture
Sakata City Hikarigaoka Athletic FieldYamagata
Sakata City Kokutaikinen GymnasiumYamagata
Sakata City Hikarigaoka fieldYamagata
Sakata City Iimoriyama FieldYamagata
Sakata City budoukanYamagata
Sakata City Kokutaikinen Tennis CourtYamagata
Sakata City Hikarigaoka Swimming PoolYamagata
mogamigwa sagae parkYamagata,
Zao Bodaira Athlete VillageYamagata
Kaminoyama Physical Education and Cultural Center Yamagata
Murayama Civic GymnasiumYamagata Ken
Tateoka Junior High School Athletic FieldYamagata Ken
Sakurambo Country ClubYamagata Ken
Lifelong learning Plaza Sports ParkYamagata Prefecture
Okitama lifelong learning PlazaYamagata Prefecture
Yamagata Prefectural General Sports ParkYamagata Prefecture
Gassan Lake Canoe Sprint Race CourseYamagata
Oe Physical Fitness CenterYamagata Pref.
Hachiman Sports ParkYamagata Prefecture
JFA National Training Center J-villageFukushima prefecture
Nat'l Athletic Meet Sports Hallfukusima
Shinobugaoka Stadiumfukusima
Jurokunuma Parkfukusima
aizu sports parkfukushima
Koriyama Sogo GymnasiumFukushima
Kaiseizan Athletics Track FieldFukushima
Kamiarakawa ParkFukusima Prefecture
21st Century Forest ParkFukushima Prefecture
Shirakawa City Sports ParkFukushima Prefecture
Shinshirakawa Golf ClubFukushima Prefecture
Shirakawa Kokusai Country ClubFukushima Prefecture
Shirakawa Golf ClubFukushima Prefecture
Sukagawa ArenaFukushima
Oshikirigawa Park GymnasiumFukushima Prefecture
Prefectural Ogino Rowing CourseFukushima Prefecture
Souma Koyo football centerfukushima Prefecture
Abukuma Rowing CoursesFukushima
Shimayama Course of Abukuma RiverFukushima
tamura city exercise parkfukushima pref
Kawamata Town GymnasiumFukushima
tenei village Inside Sports athletic groundfukushima
tenei shiroko tennis courttenevillage
sirakawa meadow golf clubfukushima
Tajima Gymnasium.Fukushima Prefecture
Tajima BudokanFukushima Prefecture
Sports Park HibarakoFukushimaken
Lake Sohara Running CourseFukushimaken
Inawashiro town Sports ParkFukushima pref
Inawashiro town SougoutaiikukanFukushima pref
Tanagura town GymnasiumFukushima
Runesannsu tanaguraFukushima
Tanagura densya clubFukushima
Kanotsunodaira Cross Country Fukushima prefecture
North Ichikawa Sports Parkchiba