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Name of FacilityPrefectureAvailability for training
hanasaki sports parkHokkaido
toko sports parkHokkaido
asahikawa taisetsu arena Hokkaido
Muroran-Irie Sports Parkhokkaido
Kushiro Sports ParkHokkaido
Obihiro Forest Athletic ParkHokkaido
Obihiro Forest gymnasiumHokkaido
Toryo parkHokkaido
Kitami Moiwa sports worldHokkaido
Kitami city martial arts gymnasiumHokkaido
Hokkaido Kitami physical education centerHokkaido
Hokkaido University Of Education Iwamizawa CampusHokkaido
Iwamizawa City general gymnasiumHokkaido
Bunka Kinen PoolHokkaido
Higashiyama comprehensive parkHokkaido
Abashiri Sports/Recreation Center Hokkaido
Abashiri Sports Training Field Hokkaido
Tomakomai city Midorigaoka ParkHokkaido
Tomakomai City GymnasiumHokkaido
Tomakomai City Nisshin Heated Swimming PoolHokkaido
Tomakomai City Numanohata Sports CenterHokkaido
Wakkanai City General GymnasiumHokkaido
Wakkanai Swimming Pool "Suimukan"Hokkaido
Wakkanai City Wakaba Playground ParkHokkaido
Bibai GymnasiumHokkaido
Bibai Heated PoolHokkaido
Bibai Sports CenterHokkaido
Sun Sportsland BibaiHokkaido
Ashibetsu City Athletic ParkHokkaido
Ashibetsu City Yuya GymnasiumHokkaido
Shibetsu athletic field Hokkaido
Shibetsu GymnasiumHokkaido
Shibetsu Nango poolHokkaido
Nayoro City Sports CenterHokkaido
Nayoro City B & G ocean center poolHokkaido
Nayoro Municipal south natatoriumHokkaido
Nayoro Municipal baseball stadiumHokkaido
Nayoro Municipal tennis courtHokkaido
Nayoro Forest of the healthHokkaido
Nayoro City fuuren B & G ocean center poolHokkaido
Aoba Park Athletic FieldHokkaido
Aoba Park Soccer FieldHokkaido
Chitose City Sports CenterHokkaido
Chitose City Memorial Martial Arts StadiumHokkaido
Chitose City PoolHokkaido
Aoba Park Rugby FieldHokkaido
Aoba Park tennis courtHokkaido
Takikawa City B&G Center of OceanHokkaido
Okashibetsunomori Sports ParkHokkaido
Noboribetsu Community pool Hokkaido
Kawakami Baseball StadiumHokkaido
Noboribetsu General GymnasiumHokkaido
Noboribetsu Athletic StadiumHokkaido
Otaki athletic parkHokkaido
Yutoku nouson parkHokkaido
Dateshi Sougou TaiikukanHokkaido
Hamanasu National Memorial Ishikari City Sports SquareHokkaido
Hokuto city exercise parkHokkaido
Higashi Onuma Athletic FieldsHokkaido
Kutchan Public Gymnastic HallHokkaido
Takasu Sports Complexhokkaido
B&G Aquatic Centerhokkaido
NakafuranoTown GeneralGymnasiumhokkaido
WASSAMU sports gymnasiumhlokkaido
Bifuka town gymnasiumHokkaido, 098-2251, Japan
Engaru GymnasiumHokkaido
Engaru Swimming Pool;Hokkaido
Engaru Sports ParkHokkaido
Beach Hama-atsumaHokkaido
Atsuma StardomeHokkaido
betsukai tawn synthesis sports centerhokkaido
nishisyunbetsu gymnasiumhokkaido
nishisyunbetsu heated poolhokkaido
nakashibetsu-town sports park playing fieldhokkaido
nakashibetsu town synthesis gymnasiumhokkaido